Bamboo Reusable Spoon

  • £1.50

Enjoy your meals the eco-friendly way. This reusable bamboo spoon is perfect for eating on the go and enables you to avoid single use plastic cutlery.

It’s super lightweight and durable, perfect for popping in your lunchbox or bag for picnics or eating out. This spoon works just as well as any plastic equivalent, but can be used again and again.

This utensil is crafted from high quality organic bamboo, making it very strong. Bamboo is more durable than wood, is heat & stain resistant and is ideal for non-stick cookware.

Please hand wash to prolong life, and at the end of this spoon's life, it can be popped in your compost bin to biodegrade.

Each utensil measures approx. 20cm in length. Suitable for vegans.