About zero

 Hi... I'm Emily, the person behind zero - an online store for plastic free, ethical and sustainable alternatives.  I live in West Sussex, UK, with my dog, Bronte, and 3 tabby cats.  We live close to a wonderful country estate that is going through the rewilding process, and not far from the South Downs and countless beaches - the best of all worlds!

I love food!!  I've been buying organic (where possible) for a number of years, but had never really thought about the packaging these products were in, and where it went once I was finished with it.  It was only when I started to notice, especially with fresh organic food from the supermarket, how much unnecessary (plastic) packaging there was, that I began to research other places to buy my food and other ways to store it.  This then led me on to re-evaluate my skincare and cleaning products etc. too.  I couldn't believe how much disposable / single-use plastic we were using in our everyday lives without even thinking about it.  I started to make simple changes - as I ran out of things, I’d replace them with a plastic free, low waste alternative.  I also looked at how I could re-purpose packaging and things I no longer needed.  In my former life I ran a business sourcing and selling vintage items for the home, so I’ve always re-purposed, reused and created new things from old.

My main advice would be to take it one step at a time.  Making small changes can, in time, lead to a huge difference.  If you try and change everything all at once, you'll become overwhelmed, not to mention the massive bill!

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, and please share zero with your family, friends, colleagues, people you meet in the street…!! - the more people that choose ethical and sustainable plastic-free alternatives, the bigger difference we can all make.

Plastic free shopping HAS to be the future, to help our planet for future generations.