Reusable Organic Cotton Tea Bag

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This natural, unbleached, GOTS-certified organic cotton reusable teabag is long-lasting, washable, and a much more eco-friendly way of enjoying a perfect cup of tea.

The sting is long enough to use this bag with mugs or a teapot, and the GOTS certification ensures that the cotton has been organically grown and the fabrics have been treated in an eco-friendly way.

Manufactured in a small Indian factory. Measures approx. 9 x 9cm.


HOW TO USE: Simply put your loose leaf tea in the teabag, pull the string closed, and pour the boiling water over the teabag. Leave to brew, then empty the teabag contents into your compost bin, and rinse or wash the teabag and enjoy again and again.

To hand wash, turn the teabag inside out and compost all the tea bits. Soak in cold water to help prevent stains. Hand wash in your sink with a little washing up liquid, then rinse under the tap. Line dry.

For a deeper clean, soak the tea bag for a few hours in 1 part apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, and 2 parts water.

If the tea bag was used for tea with milk - hand wash after each use. If no milk, rinse and reuse 1-2 times (same day) and then hand wash.